Come and taste our cuisine based on farm products, mainly from our own production.

Regional products such as ""heart of palm, Brède de songe, sweet potatoes"", will be largely represented there, with poultry and rabbits from our farm.

Our prices are:

Adult meals: €30

Meal for children under 10: €15

Children's meal, under 5 years old: €7

(the menus may change at the customer's request, which will impact the price.)

Our menu options:

vegetable fritters.

Entrance :
leaf of palm kernel and homemade charcuterie.

Dishes :
rice, grain, Rougail,

(2 dishes) Chicken curry

smoked duck with vegetables, duck stew, duck with olives, duck carri,)

Boucané with vacoa sprouts, Roast pork, sautéed pork,

smoked rabbit, roast rabbit, rabbit stew.

Stir-fried with shrimp or fish.

sweet potato mousse, homemade cake.

Drinks :
homemade fruit juice, mixed rum, wine, coffee